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A Guide to South African Cuisine

September 11, 2019

A Guide to South African Cuisine

South African cuisine is every bit as diverse as its cultures and people. With many influences, layered flavours and multi-faceted history, the Rainbow Nation is a melting pot when it comes to its culinary roots. Whether you are a local looking to perfect your cultural food creations or you are exploring the country’s food favourites, South African cuisine is sure to appeal to every tastebud. 

Exploring South African Cuisine

While there are many, many dishes that demonstrate the reach and spirit of South African cuisine, a few dishes truly shine. Here are some of our favourite local must-tastes...


Few places on earth can braai like South Africa. Boerewors, braaibroodjies, chops, chicken, seafood and many other foods are cooked to perfection over the coals. To add even more to your braaied meats, try making your own marinade flavoured with your favourite ground spices. 


This Cape Malay classic is enjoyed across the country. A thick layer of gently spiced minced lamb or beef is topped with an egg and milk layer and baked until the top is browned, with raisins or apricot jam added for extra sweetness.

Bunny chow

Another favourite across SA, spicy curry (meat, chicken or vegetable) is stucked into a hollowed-out loaf of white bread. Whether you prefer mild curry or a hot red curry, this dish will leave you full.


This streetfood masterpiece is equally filling. A foot-long bread roll is filled with slap chips, masala steak, egg, Russian sausage and sometimes polony accompanied by peri peri. Whether shared or eaten alone, a gatsby will satisfy even the strongest hunger pang.


Simple to make, traditional potjies are cooked over a fire in a cast-iron pot. Meat, chicken and vegetables can be used alongside curry powder and just about any ingredient. Bread is then used to soak up the goodness and consume around the fire.

Milk tart 

To end off, a milk tart will always hit the spot. This beloved dessert features a creamy filling and a sweet crust, with cinnamon powder dusted on top that adds just the right amount of spice. 

Indulge your tastebuds with your favourite South African cuisine and don’t forget to add quality spices to ensure even more enjoyment.

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