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Essential Italian Herbs for the Perfect Pasta

March 12, 2020

Essential Italian Herbs for the Perfect Pasta

If you’re aiming to make the perfect pasta, you’ll need to stock up on Italian herbs. Although a basic mixed herb will help to some degree, it won’t give you as much room to experiment with different flavours. The best way to create pasta dishes is to keep a few essentials on hand that allow you to add just the right flavour to suit your dishes. 

Keep reading to find out which Italian herbs are a must-have to up your pasta game.

Best Italian Herbs for Pasta

Whether you love making lasagna, ravioli, gnocchi, bolognese or stuffed shells, the right seasonings can make all the difference to the flavour of your favourite pasta. Here are some of the best Italian herbs to enhance your dishes to perfection.


With its mild peppery flavour, parsley is a versatile herb that works well in many pasta dishes. Fresh and dried parsley can liven up tomato and meat-based sauces, and be used in pasta salads along with other leafy greens.

It works well with lemon and garlic. Try adding dried parsley, fresh garlic, and a drizzle of olive oil over freshly cooked penne for a quick, flavoursome pasta.


Basil is another Italian classic. This herb has a strong scent and flavour. It is versatile, working well in a variety of sauces, from meat to tomato, vegetable, and herb-based sauces. You can also use it in pesto.

Dried basil will enhance basic sauces. Try adding to a rich tomato sauce along with garlic flakes and chilli flakes for a tasty, simple pasta.


This versatile herb also goes with just about every type of sauce. Add dried origanum to lasagnas, baked pasta dishes, tomato sauce, meatballs, and simple pasta dishes for a classic Italian taste. It can even be used in cheese sauces - ideal for macaroni cheese with a twist.

Pair with the herbs above, garlic powder, chilli, lemon, and paprika to create your own flavour. 

We offer a wide range of herbs for every type of dish. Find the perfect Italian herbs at Spice World to start crafting your signature pasta dish today.

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