If you’re looking for a quick, delicious and easy meal, the humble rice bowl is a perfect choice. This dish features three key elements - rice, added ingredients, and seasoning. As its name suggests, it’s layered and served in a bowl. The great thing about this dish is that it has a huge variety when it comes to ingredients, seasoning and even rice. Depending on your preferences and mood, you could make your rice bowl simple or add multiple layers of flavour and texture. 

How to Make a Rice Bowl

Here’s how you can make a tasty rice bowl in no time at all...

Choose your rice. 

First up, choose the rice you want to use as the base for your bowl. Simple white rice is always a winner. Basmati rice is also a good choice if you’re after something with more flavour. Long-grain Bhimdi rice can also be used or you could go with brown rice. Whichever you choose, cook the rice until tender and drain well. 

Choose your ingredients.

Now for the fun part - making up your bowl. Ideally, you want a mixture of nutrients. You can add a combination of cooked vegetables, meat, seafood or chicken (or plant protein options such as soy, tofu, lentils or beans if you don’t eat meat), sprouts, leafy vegetables, feta cheese, seeds, finely chopped raw vegetables, and anything else you want to add. Be careful of going overboard, however. Ideally, you want about four or five additional ingredients.

Choose your seasoning.

Finally, you can add more flavour with seasoning. Many people like to make sauces that enhance the flavours of main ingredients. For example, in a bowl that has vegetables, seeds, leafy greens, and tofu, you may want to add a peanut sauce. For bowls that contain chicken, you may want to try a honey mustard sauce. You can also make dressings using oil and spices. To add heat, try using a curry powder mix. You can also add dried herbs or garlic flakes to add more flavour.

Experiment with flavours and combinations, get creative and don’t forget to include healthy ingredients to get the most from this dish. Looking for spices and other must-haves? Spice World has a range of spice, herbs, rice and other dry ingredients to make the perfect rice bowl.


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