If you want to add flavour to meals without the burn, mild spices are the way to go. While many love the heat that curry powder and chilli delivers, others do not enjoy the burn at all. With that said, there is a common misconception that the hot stuff is where the flavour comes from. In reality, the hot stuff might add a kick, but other spices add the flavour and aroma. The trick is to find mild spices that are known for their ability to enhance just about any dish.

Best Mild Spices to Add Flavour

Which mild spices will help you pack loads of flavour into your meals without the risk of burning off the roof of your mouth and making your eyes water? Here are a few flavoursome picks to add to your pantry.


Paprika comes from sweet varieties of pepper plants. Unlike chillies and cayenne pepper, this spice contains minimal seeds and it is typically milder than any other peppers. It works well in many dishes, from curries to soups, stews, pasta, roasts, and other savoury foods. Although paprika is usually not strong, you may want to start with smaller amounts to see whether it is mild enough for your tastebuds.


Coriander takes many forms - fresh, whole seeds and ground. The seeds and ground varieties both add an aromatic flavour to a range of savoury dishes. Coriander works well with many other spices and can also work with very mild curry power if you are able to handle very low doses of curry.


Turmeric is known for its golden hue. It is currently enjoying popularity as a health food, thanks to its antioxidant properties. In cooking, turmeric will add colour, flavour and aroma to just about any savoury dish. It can be used to spice up rice or used within main meals. 


Cumin is another spice that is rich in flavour. This spice comes in whole and ground form, with both offering the perfect complement to other spices. It has a mild but distinctive flavour and works well in many savoury dishes. It works well with all of the spices we’ve mentioned above.

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