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Pots & Pans

Aluminium Garlic Presser
R 35.00
Deleno 9 Food Bank Stainless Steel
R 60.00
8-11 Deep India Dotted Pots
Sold Out

8 Piece Cookware Set
R 350.00
8-11 Fish India Dotted Pots
R 525.00
6-9 India Dotted Pots
R 470.00

6-13 India Dotted Pots
R 1,720.00
5-8 India Dotted Pots
R 330.00
1-6 India Dotted Pots
R 1,110.00

1-4 India Dotted Pots
R 205.00
No. 30 Deksha
R 1,200.00
No. 28 Deksha
R 1,110.00

No. 26 Deksha
R 894.00
No. 22 Deksha
R 640.00
No. 20 Deksha
R 495.00

No. 18 Deksha
R 405.00
No. 16 Deksha
R 355.00
No. 14 Deksha
R 285.00

No. 10 Deksha
R 120.00
Crepe Pan
R 195.00
R 310.00

32cm Iva Stainless Steel Casserole
R 900.00
30cm Iva Stainless Steel Casserole
R 750.00
28cm Fig Stewpan With Glass Lid
R 1,645.00

About Us


About Us | Spice World

Founded in 1997, Spice World has grown to become a household name in the spice industry, with the largest retail spice store inside of a shopping mall on the African continent.
In over 20 years of trading, we have strived to provide our customers with the best quality spices from around the world. Our famous household spices are uniquely Spice World and encompass within their recipes the values that Spice World stands for through their rich flavours and colours, as well as market leading quality. 
Our stores are stockists of a wide range of products, from our very own spices, to baking goods, a variety of basmati rice, cosmetics, as well as prayer goods.