HEM Red Rose Incense Sticks

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  • HEARTWARMING AROMA: The “Red Rose” incense sticks provide a luxurious fragrance of freshly-picked red roses that encourage feelings of love, compassion and devotion.
  • It also helps calm anxiety, and puts you on a path to harmony, peace, happiness, confidence and love.
  • AUTHENTIC: Crafted by world-famous HEM, these incense sticks are hand-rolled in India using ancient methods, select woods, florals and essential oils
  • These rose incense sticks are a blend of natural, non-toxic ingredients and an organic fragrance that enlivens your surroundings.
  • MEDITATION AND YOGA: With the purpose of calming the mind and body, incense is commonly used during meditation and yoga. While incense sticks naturally relax the mind and body, they are even more powerful when used during rituals at healing centers and temples.