Garlic powder is a versatile seasoning that is always useful to have in your spice collection. Much like whole garlic and garlic flakes, the powder contains all the goodness of garlic. Some of the many health benefits garlic has to offer include immune-boosting properties to help fight off colds and flu along with active compounds that reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. 

Adding garlic powder to food allows you to enjoy all of the goodness of garlic, as well as plenty of flavour. A teaspoon or a shake of ground garlic can take your favourite meals to a whole new level of taste. Keep reading how you can use this powder to add more flavour.

How to Use Garlic Powder to Add Flavour

Wondering how to use garlic powder for maximum taste? Here are some of the dishes that work best with powdered garlic. 

1. Pasta sauces

While freshly chopped or crushed garlic works equally well in a wide range of pasta sauces, the powdered version can often be faster and easier. Sauces that work especially well with garlic include tomato-based sauces, homemade pesto, white sauces, and even cheese sauces. The trick with pasta sauce is to use garlic sparingly. Add too much and you might lose the subtle balance of flavours needed in a good sauce.

2. Roast vegetables

You could add a sprinkling of powdered garlic to oven-baked roast vegetables to maximise flavour quickly and simply. Another option is to make healthy chips. Thinly slice potato or sweet potato or cut your favourite potato into wedges and bake in the oven. Add a sprinkling of powder along with some dried rosemary or dried parsley when they are about halfway cooked.

3. Curries & stews

Powdered garlic can also be added to your favourite curries and stews. Garlic works well with just about all types of curry powder, from mild to hot. It also works well with chilli and other spices. Make your own spice blend and experiment to see what you enjoy the most. You can then add your custom blend to curries. 

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