Wondering which ground spices are best for seafood?

From spice blends made especially for various seafood dishes to spices you probably already have on hand, seasoning your favourite dishes is easy. Ground spices offer a way to bring out the natural flavours of fish, shellfish, crayfish, calamari, and various other seafood dishes.

Keep reading to get our top picks on essential spices for seafood.

Best Ground Spices for Seafood

Try these ground spices to liven up your favourite seafood dishes...

Seafood masala. 

Seafood masala is ideal for seafood curries, adding plenty of flavour. Hot spices such as chilli are used to give the blend a good dose of heat. It works well for all types of seafood. Fish masala can also be used specifically for fish curries and other hot dishes.

Lemon pepper.

For something milder, lemon pepper is always a good spice for seafood. This spice can be used for marinades, rubs, roasting, braaing, soups or seasoning for cooked dishes. The tartness of the lemon pairs well with the kick of pepper to create a blend that works well with a range of seafood dishes.


Paprika is another versatile spice. Unlike chilli powder or cayenne, paprika is very mild as far as heat goes. It does, however, have plenty of flavour. It can be used in rubs, sauces, soups, marinades, and various other seasonings, enhancing without being overpowering.


Dried garlic powder or garlic flakes are both good choices for flavouring seafood. Although fresh garlic works equally well, ground garlic and flakes can add a more concentrated flavour that blends into marinades and sauces. It also keeps well on the shelf. 

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