If you’re looking to add a bit of heat to your dishes, chilli flakes are always a useful spice to have on hand.

There are a few other ways to enjoy chilli, however.

Whole dried chillis and fresh chillis also have plenty of spice. The choice between these chilli types will ultimately depend on the dish you are planning to make as well as your own personal preferences. To find out how dried, fresh and chilli flakes can be used, we’ve put together a few ideas.

Dried, Fresh or Crushed Chilli - Which Should You Use?

Chilli is one of the most popular spices across the globe - for good reason, too. This spice is high in capsaicin, which gives it its trademark heat. The seeds are especially potent. Interestingly, chilli is not tasted as a flavour. Instead, this spice activates the nerve endings in the mouth. This is where chilli gets its ‘burn’. Some of the ways that you can use each version of chilli include the following:

Crushed chillis. 

Crushed chilli includes chilli flakes and seeds that have been dried and crushed into a potent blend. This is one of the hottest ways to use chilli as the seeds have been retained and used in the blend. Drying can amplify the heat in chillis. Use flakes in sauces, curries, soups, meat seasoning, and other dishes that need a good dose of heat. As the spiciness is concentrated, make sure that you use sparingly.

Dried chillis.

Whole dried chillis are chillis that have been dried to maximise their flavour and potency. These can be ground into a coarse consistency. Whole dried chillis are also spicy but their seeds can be removed before cooking if you prefer a milder version. You can use this chilli in sauces and various other dishes for added spice. You can also use whole in dishes and remove before serving to add a subtle hint of spice.

Fresh chillis.

Fresh chilli comes in a variety of flavours, ranging from mild to extremely hot. These can be chopped and used in dishes with the seeds included or deseeded before they are chopped. Larger sized mild chillis can be used to make chilli poppers or stuffed with meat or other fillings. They can also be roasted as is to enjoy as a side or soaked, pickled or blended into pestos. 

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