With its fragrant aroma, fluffiness and versatility, basmati rice works well in a variety of recipes. This long-grain rice is grown in the Himalayas and Pakistan. A classic in many Indian dishes, this rice has a nutty flavour that enhances curries, stews and many other dishes. The key to getting basmati rice that is perfectly fluffy every time is to know how to cook it properly. Keep reading to find out how to whip up the perfect basmati to use in your favourite dishes. 

Cooking With Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is a long-grain rice, cooking a little bit differently to conventional short-grained rice. Traditional basmati is white, although there are also brown basmati alternatives. To get the most from your basmati, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Rinse well

While some home chefs prefer not to rinse, many find that rinsing helps to remove starch before cooking, helping to prevent rice grains from sticking together, others prefer not to rinse. If you are rinsing, do a few rinses until the water is mostly clear. 

Add salt

Adding a pinch or two of salt can help to remove the starch, keeping rice separated and also adding a hint of flavour during cooking. Don’t go overboard here - add a small amount while the water is boiling, just before you add the rice.

Drain carefully

You don’t need to get too fussy about the amount of water used, as long as there is enough water to cook the rice thoroughly. Once it is cooked, drain carefully using a sieve or a fine colander. This will help to keep the rice fluffy and separated.

Add seasoning

If you want to get even more from your basmati, you could use a traditional seasoning or add in your favourite spice mix. Ground turmeric always works well. A tasty traditional seasoning can be done by adding ghee or oil to a pan and then toasting cumin seeds, mustard seeds and bay leaves. Add this mixture to the rice and toss until the rice is covered. 

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