Looking for the best spices for curries? With winter in full swing and the weather getting cold, now is the perfect time to make your favourite curries. Whether you prefer vegetable curry, coconut curry, meat curry, chicken curry, Durban curry or every type of curry, you can make a wide variety with just a few spices. Keep reading to get our tips on how to choose the best spices for curries of all kinds.

Choosing the Best Spices for Curries

Add more flavour and heat to your curry with the best spices for curries, which include the following:

Curry powders.

Needless to say, curry powder is the key ingredient to any curry. There are a few different types but most combine the essential spices in a mix. Most curry powders range from mild to strong, allowing you to create your favourite curries according to how hot you like them to be.


Masala is another must-have for curries. Varieties of masala include chicken, fish, seafood, Garum, Kashmiri, Bombay, pickle, and others. Depending on the type of curry you are making, each of these will add just the right flavour and spice.

Bay leaves.

Bay leaves are a common ingredient in many curries, adding loads of flavour. These are placed whole into curries, allowing the flavour to infuse meat and vegetables. They can be removed before serving or left in if they have softened enough to not affect the texture.

Sweet spices.

Sweet spices can add a lot more depth to curries. The best sweet spices for this type of dish include cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg, as well as cardamom. For best results, choose sweet spices that best suit the main ingredients in your curry as well as the type of curry powder or masala you are using.

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