Wondering whether mustard seed and powder are the same or if you really need both in your spice rack? Essentially, both seed and powder are the same. One is in its whole form while the other has been ground into a powder. Although these are much the same in some ways, there are a few subtle differences that make it useful to keep both mustard seed and powder on hand.

Which is Best - Mustard Seed or Powder?

Some of the similarities and differences between mustard seed and powder include the following:


If stored properly, ground mustard will keep well. With that said, mustard seeds can maintain freshness for a much longer period. Grinding seeds as needed will help to increase the potency, giving you a fresher spice. If you do keep powder, go for smaller amounts and try to avoid keeping it for long periods on the shelf without being used.


Both mustard powder and seed give you the strong, aromatic flavour of mustard. The seeds can be more potent as you are getting the added benefits of natural oils found within the seed. The ground version can still contain plenty of flavour. It is best to use seeds more sparingly than powder - especially if you grind your own seeds.


A big benefit of pre-ground spice is that you do not have to grind it yourself. Although you can also use whole seeds without grinding, it is often easier to use powdered mustard that does not require anything beyond measurement. Another benefit is that you can add to other spices to make your own blends. Powdered mustard will mix in easily with other ground spices, allowing you to make your own convenient blends to use as needed.

Whether you prefer powdered mustard or mustard seeds, we have a wide range of spices in store for all of your favourite dishes.


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