1kg mince

2-3 slices bread

4 medium onions

5-6cms piece ginger

1 bunch coriander leaves, chopped

1bunch mint leaves, chopped

3 green chillies, chopped

Juice of 2 lemons

1 ¼ tsp Spice World Ground Garam Masala

2 Tbs oil

2 cups breadcrumbs

2 eggs

Salt to taste

Oil for deep-frying



Wash the mince and leave it to drain in a sieve. Slice one onion fine. Braise in oil. When light brown, add the mince and salt. Let the mince cook until all the water evaporates. Leave to cool. Dice the remaining onions fine and add to the mince. Now add the chopped coriander, mint, chillies, lemon juice and ground garam masala. Soak the bread slices in water. Squeeze out all the water and put it in the mince mixture. Scrape and clean the ginger. Dice finely and add to the mince. Mix well. Taking only a Tbs at a time, roll out into long log shaped cutlets. Beat the eggs with salt and pepper. Dip the cutlets in egg and roll in breadcrumbs. Deep fry in oil. Serve hot with chutney.


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