If you’re looking to add heat and flavour to your meals, finding the hottest spices is essential. Heat is something that comes down to each person’s unique preferences. While some can hardly tolerate the mild heat from curry, others love their spices extra hot. Luckily, there are spices to suit every taste. Keep reading to find the hottest spices that are sure to add a burst of spice to your favourite dishes.

Hottest Spices for Cooking

Stock up your spice collection with some of the hottest spices that can be used in curries and various other dishes. Here are some of our top picks:

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper comes from the Capsicum annuum pepper. It is a moderately hot chilli pepper that is used in seafood, egg dishes, casseroles, soups, stews, curries, and numerous other dishes that need more heat. It also has many health benefits, from lowered blood pressure to increased metabolism and improved digestive health.

Dried chilli

Dried chilli is particularly hot when the seeds are also dried and added to the mix, as it is the seeds of the chilli that pack the most power. Versatile and easy to use, you can sprinkle dried crushed chilli onto any dish you want to liven up - curries, pasta, soups, grills, oven dishes, stews, meat, fish, and seafood. 

Rumbo Russi

A type of masala, Rumbo Russi is a hot spice that has a lot of flavour. It is available in medium strength and in hot strength. It is ideal for South Indian cuisine. Add to curries, meat dishes, stews, and vegetarian dishes. A selection of spices combines with chilli to ensure a rich, flavoursome blend that is surprisingly versatile. 

Spice World has all the spices you need to add a burst of spicey goodness to any meal. Contact us today to find the hottest spices in our collection.


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